We are not wine experts but wine enthusiasts. We love wine for its enjoyment, for the atmosphere of togetherness and celebration of life it creates, for its history, for its tradition and for the dedication of everyone who works the vineyards and, in the cellars, to bring an expression of the climate and soil in each bottle.

Don’t think of us as your stock pickers or wine matchmakers but rather as people on a journey with you, bringing new discoveries to your table.

Driven by curiosity

South Africa has a great diversity of wines. Twenty years ago, there were 150 independent wineries this has grown to about 600 today. This range of choice can be a little confusing and sometimes intimidating. We see it as an opportunity to explore varieties and styles, from cool climate wines to the bold wines of Stellenbosch and Robertson, the opportunity to expand the love for the enjoyment of wine.  We like to think that wine creates within us a curiosity to explore. This is what drives us to find and bring you wines that are unrecognised, understated and underrated. We know that wine is a very personal experience, we would like to bring you wines that meet your inquisitiveness, that may push your boundaries and help you discover more about wine and why you love it so much.

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